Wrap it up processes parent payments.

We collect and process money for donations, activities and trips, fundraising, uniforms, merchandise, lunches, and anything else you care to add.

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Save time 

  • Less queues in the office
  • Less follow regarding incorrect payments
  • No chasing permission slips

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Get more money in faster 

  • An easy to use system means people are more likely to pay
  • Parents can make just one payment for multiple activities and multiple children
  • Get more payments in advance

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It’s secure and trackable 

  • Reduced cash on the premises
  • Payments are made to your school on a weekly basis.
  • Improved audit compliance
  • Reduction of human error


“Just wanted to let you that I have found using Wrap it Up...AWESOME. I was a bit dubious and thought I would be queuing in the school office, but 5 minutes after creating an account it was all done, fees paid, donation done, school hat purchased...so easy. Now I no longer have to scrabble around for spare change for the sausage sizzle! Thanks for making my life just a little bit simpler.

Now, please work on a system that gets your kids ready in the mornings!”

“Just wanted to say I am grateful all over again for the Wrap it up payment system. It makes me feel like someone is looking after me instead of constantly feeling on the back foot because I've forgotten to make a payment or give a permission. This is REALLY helping. Thank you.”

"WOW!!!  What a great system and so user friendly for someone like me who is lacking in the IT skills department. I logged on and ordered sausages for the term (no more raiding the children's tooth fairy money on Monday nights and being in debt with the children as a result). Great that I also managed to pay for a school trip and flippaball fees for the term too.  It was just brilliant".