To ensure the data travelling from your browser to our web server is as secure as we can make it, we've installed SSL (Secure Socket Layer) across our full website. Click here for more information regarding SSL. 

Your payments

For all your payment transactions, we use Payment Express. We do not hold any credit card or Account2Account information on our website.


Payment Express does not access customers personal information at any stage during the transaction process and does not keep any record of personal information during this transactional process, it is handled directly with the banking provider.

The same level of security applies to the millions of credit card transactions processed by Payment Express every day.

A2A security information link: https://Www.Paymentexpress.Com/Account2account_Security_Information   

If you’d like verification of Payment Express’ security as a payment processor you can speak to the merchant services team at your bank.

For more information about Payment Express’ Privacy Policy click on the link:

Trust Account

All  Organisation’s funds are deposited and held in a trust account until the nominated day of transfer to the school and/or fundraising bank accounts.

We can’t use any of the funds in the trust account for anything other than processing your payments and neither can creditors in the unlikely event of Wrap it Up Limited getting into financial difficulty.  Your money is safe with us.


Wrap it Up Limited ensures that its security and infrastructure is taken care of using the most up-to-date security surrounding all information stored on our website. We have chosen to partner with SiteHost to host our business services.

SiteHost has been hosting businesses since 2004 and hosts thousands of websites for some of New Zealand’s biggest businesses. The average uptime of SiteHost’s network has stayed above 99.9% since 2004, that’s nine years of 0.1% downtime or less.

The SiteHost Infrastructure in summary:

  • Biometric & RFID security systems ensuring authorised access
  • 24/7 camera monitoring of facility entrances and server rooms
  • Multiple HVAC units produce a climate controlled environment and optimised airflow distribution for optimal hardware performance and lifetime
  • Redundant parallel UPS and auto-start backup generator with standby diesel ensuring continuous supply of power. Redundant A+B Power Distribution Units (PDU) ensuring continuous power supply inside cabinets
  • Secure buildings with double layer concrete and steel mesh wall structure, with standard 19”/1m deep individually locked cabinets
  • Exhaustive backup processes in off-site location
  • Top of the line hardware with 24/7 engineer on call with access.